Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Aadhar Card PDF File Password?

What is Aadhar card PDF Password:

When you have download E aadhar online this PDF File is secure with the password so some of the peoples don't know what is PDF file password so we have shared an article releted to what is Aadhar card PDF File Password.

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E Aadhar Card PDF Password:

After September 2017 UIdai has been updated their system(before Sep 2017 password would be your 6 Digits Pincode) now E aadhar PDF Password would be 4 char of your name and your birthdate of year.we have mentioned below all the possible case of aadhar PDF Password

Case 1: if Your Name MAHESH KUMAR And Year of Birth 1991 so password would be MAHE1991

Case 2: Name is RAM KUMAR and Year of Birthday is 1992 so password would be RAMK1992

Case 3: Name is K.KUMAR and Year Of Birth is 1993 so password would be P.KUM1993

Case 4: Name is RAM and Year of Birt is 1994 so password would be RAM1994

Friday, 17 November 2017

Check Aadhar Card Generated Or Not

Check Aadhar Card Status:

Step 1: Go to Office Website

STEP 2: Enter Enrollment Number(Whenever you have Applied for Addhar card is Generated)
And Enter Security Code

STEP 3: Finally Click on Check Status Button

After the Clicking Check Status Button, Your Aadhar card status Would be display Whether aadhar card Generated or not

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to Update your Aadhar Card?

Follow Below Step To Update Aadhar Card 

Step 1. Visit Aadhar card Correction website. ( Click On Below link)

In this Step, You need To Enter your aadhar number and Text Verification. Then Click On Send OTP.

Step 2. Enter your OTP that received Registered Mobile number. then click on login.

Step 3.  Now Select Respected Correction and click on submit.

Step 4. Update your Incorrect detail. Then Click On Submit Update Request.

Step 5. Upload Valid Document.Then Click On Submit.

Step 6. Click On Yes Button.

Step 7.Select BPO Service Provider Then Submit.

Step 8. After Submit You show Urn Number on next Screen please Noted Down this number For Check Aadhaar update status.

After Updating your aadhar card to check the status of the updated aadhar card whether it's approved or not, Check out our this post.

How to Download the Aadhar Card?

We know E Aadhar is a soft copy of Aadhar card and it can be downloaded from the Internet. RIGHT ?
Here We have given Step by Step Introduction For E-Aadhar. so please Refer all the Steps.

Step 1:
Visit Eaadhar Website By just click on Button here.

Step 2: Please keep your Enrollment ID Keep With you. (If you don't know you EID number than check out this post to retrieve it ) Here it will be required For E aadhar. Now Select ( I have Enrollment Id ).

Now Check your Enrollment Id that looks like Given image and You Need to Enter Accurate Enrollment Id, Date and Time. That format is like Enrollment id (1231/23222/12121) time is (00/00/0000 11:11:11) Note: Please Enter Enrollment Detail not this.

The Next Step For Eaadhar is Enter Your Full Name As per your Enrollment Slip.
Step 3. Please Enter your Six Digits pin Code (It look like 360000).
Step 4. Enter Captcha Code That shown you.
Step 5. Finally enter Mobile Number That you have Right Now.
Step 6.Just Click On “Get One Time password” and entered Number Receive OTP that you need to enter.

Step 7. Now Click One Validate And Download.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Check Newly Generated Aadhar Card status By EID or SMS.

Aadhar Card is an identity card that will served as the purpose of a person's identity anywhere in India. This Aadhar card is provided by the Central Government Agency of India which is called as UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India.

Aadhar card is known as the largest National Identification Project, as it has the highest number of people in the world. In Aadhar card you can find 12 unique digit.

What if you have applied for it and it hasn't received yet and if you want to know you Aadhar Card status then follow my instructions very carefully as this is the best article that will serve your purpose. 

I have provided each and every possible way with each single step that will help you to check your Aadhar Card status.

Note: The below steps is only applicable for newly Generated aadhar card. 
if you want to check Status for your updated or modified aadhar card than click here to know more.

Check Aadhar card Application Status by Enrollment ID :

STEP 1: Go To Official Website of UIDAI

STEP 2: Fill All the details respectively (If you don't know you EID number than check out this post to retrieve it )

STEP 3: Finally you can see you aadhar card  status whether aadhar card is generated or not.

How to check Aadhar Card Status by SMS :

Now that I have given you the steps on how to get your Aadhar Card status with the help of your name, now I am ready for another way by which of checking your Aadhar Card Status through SMS.

  • First, you take you mobile and go for message application.
  • Now that you are ready, type “UID STATUS<14 digit enrollment number>”, wherein brackets you have to enter the Enrollment ID.
  • After typing the above info, send it to 51969.

If your Aadhar Card has not been made then you won't be getting any message from UIDAI, but if your Aadhar Card is done, then you will receive a 12 digit code to your mobile number.

Aadhar Card Status by Date of Birth ?

This is not possible if you are trying to check your Aadhar Card status with the help of Date of Birth. As there are billion people in our country it is hard to get your status by Date of Birth.

If you have checked your Aadhar Card by Enrollment ID and if you got to know that your Aadhar Card has  been generated then take a print which will be very much helpful. (Even though, you will get your Aadhar Card to your Residential Address).

I guess, my article has served your purpose. If you have any queries do post in the comment section where I will try to answer all your doubts.

Friday, 10 November 2017

How to Check Aadhar Card Update Status Online

Aadhar Card Update Status Check :

Here in this Article, we'll guide you on how check Status of your Updated or modified Aadhar card.

It's very Simple procedure to check aadhaar card status online, just follow the steps given below and you'll have your status about your aadhar card update.

STEP 1: 

Open the Official Government Aadhar card website:  Click here.
You'll get the screen as shown in below image.

STEP 2: 
Enter your 12 the Digits Aadhar number first textbox and 14 digits URN Number second text box

Note: URN Number has been Generated When you have applied for aadhar card. you can find URN number on your aadhar update slip.

STEP 3: 
Fill Security captcha Code shown above and then Click on Get Status Button. (See the below image for more information)

Finally, On Next Screen, we can check that status of aadhar card whether aadhar card updated or not.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Find UID And EID Number of Aadhar card Online

Find UIA And Eid Number Online:

If you have applied for Aadhar Card you will get your Aadhar Card within 90 days. But in some rare cases, it takes time to appear at your door steps, in those times you need to contact head office for your yet to be coming Aadhar Card.

Find UID Aadhar Card Number:

Step 1 : 
All you need to do is to go the official website of UIDAI and click on "Find My UID". or click on below detect link.

STEP 2: 
Once the website is fully loaded, then select Aadhaar Number(UID).(Check the below image)

STEP 3: 
Now you have to enter your authentic details like your Name, Email Address, Mobile Number.

STEP 4: 
Then fill the Captcha in the empty box that is provided for you.
If you are done with the above step, then click on "Get OTP".

Enter the OTP that you will receive on your mobile number.

STEP 6: 
After entering the OTP, click on "Verify OTP" button.

STEP 7: 
Now you will be getting your Enrollment ID to your mobile number that you have provided earlier during this process.

Save this Enrollment ID which will be very useful in future. You can use this Enrollment ID for getting your Aadhar Card in time.
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